In the pursuit of excellence in any sport, the desire to be the best version of oneself is universal. When it comes to the equestrian world, Sheena Boran Equestrian stands as a beacon of commitment to excellence. With a passion for equine education, I strive to guide and nurture aspiring equestrians, ensuring they not only meet but surpass industry standards.

At Sheena Boran Equestrian, my commitment extends beyond mere training – it’s about cultivating a profound understanding and mastery of horsemanship through the esteemed BHS (British Horse Society) Complete Horsemanship Pathway. This comprehensive educational framework transcends traditional exam-focused learning; it’s a journey towards lifelong horsemanship skills that go beyond the arena.

BHS Exam Training


If you have already done some training or elsewhere and are preparing to take BHS exams we can schedule and conduct mock exams on an individual or group basis. These mock exams are ideal for running through the exam sections and syllabus and identifying any weak areas to work on before the exam itself. Taking a mock exam and going through the exam structure and routine can also help to reduce nerves on the day of the actual exam.  


I provide the following services to assist you in achieving your BHS Exam goals: 

 - Training from Stage 1 to Stage 5 in riding, stable management, theory and coaching  

 - Evaluation and sign-off for exams 

 - Mock exams  

 - Silver Challenge Awards (see above)  

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