Sheena Boran Equestrian’s horse clinics represent a pinnacle in equine education, offering a transformative learning experience under the expert guidance of Sheena Boran herself. These clinics go beyond conventional riding lessons, providing participants with a hands-on and specialised focus on various aspects of horsemanship. Sheena’s commitment to excellence in the equestrian world is palpable in these clinics, where participants receive individualised attention and benefit from her extensive expertise. The clinics cover a comprehensive range of topics, from refining riding techniques to in-depth discussions on horse care and behaviour. With a commitment to the esteemed BHS Complete Horsemanship Pathway, Sheena Boran Equestrian ensures that participants not only enhance their riding skills but also acquire a profound understanding of horsemanship that extends throughout their equestrian journey. Beyond the educational aspect, these clinics foster a sense of community, providing networking opportunities and leaving participants inspired, motivated, and well-equipped to achieve their personal best in the world of horses.

Benefits of Our Clinics

Sheena Boran Equestrian clinics provide access to expertise associated with the BHS, ensuring that participants receive instruction aligned with industry standards and recognized by a reputable equestrian organisation.

The clinics emphasize practical application, allowing participants to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios, enhancing their ability to handle and ride horses effectively.

Participants gain a deeper understanding of horse behaviour, learning to interpret and respond to cues, resulting in improved communication and a more harmonious partnership with their horses.