Whether you’re embarking on your initial journey in the industry or seeking additional guidance, our consultancy services and comprehensive packages are tailored to propel you in the right direction. With a wealth of experience and a high level of expertise, Sheena, A seasoned professional, is well-equipped to provide insightful consultation services that extend beyond mere advice. Specialising in training BHS students, Sheena offers lessons that are not only instructive but also geared towards nurturing and developing individuals within the field. Whether you’re a novice or looking to refine your skills, our consultancy is dedicated to facilitating your progress and ensuring you make informed strides in your chosen industry.

 – Personalised Training Programs:

  • Tailored training programs designed to meet the specific needs and goals of individual horses and riders.

 – Behavioural Assessment:

  • In-depth analysis of horse behaviour to identify areas for improvement and develop targeted training strategies.

Performance Enhancement:

  • Specialised coaching and guidance aimed at improving the performance of both horse and rider in various equestrian disciplines.

 – Rider Education and Coaching:

  • Instruction and coaching for riders, focusing on equitation, communication, and effective collaboration with their equine partners.

 – Groundwork Training:

  • Comprehensive training in groundwork techniques, emphasizing communication, respect, and establishing a strong foundation for further training.

 – Young Horse Development:

  • Expert guidance in the training and development of young horses, focusing on foundational skills and preparing them for future disciplines.

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